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“There are no excuses,” Jurgen Klopp commands his players to win next matches

After the massive loss at Molineux, Jurgen Klopp has talked about horrible situation especially at the back of his squad. 
There problems that hindering for the strikers not to score. Midfielders are terrible and not giving balls to the strikers. 
“Strikers need to be fed with ball in the danger areas. However our circumstances look different,” he lamented. 
Jurgen Klopp added on Liverpool current situation by saying, “There’s no excuse. I can’t explain it — first 15 minutes were horrible. It needs to be changed, I’m sorry”. 
“We just need to change it now, there’s no explanation. Change immediately in the next game”.
Wolves-Liverpool 3-0 takes the Reds into serious problems. Now they have at least 4 successive poor run. 
Liverpool had 0 wins, 1 goal scored and 9 goals conceded in the last 4 Premier League games.

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