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Ten Hag, De Gea defends Harry Maguire’s performance, fans descend on him with trolls

Manchester United boss Erik Ten Hag talks about Harry Maguire’s performance, saying, “He will play his games, definitely.”

“We need him.” “He’s a good player, but we have competition and top quality in the backline.” “It’s nice internal competition, and we need that as a team to win games.”

“It’s interesting that after our first game without our best midfield, nobody blamed Varane for looking slow and clumsy, missing passes, and being forced to make mistakes.”

“We all knew it was because of the midfield.” When Maguire has the same problem, it’s only his fault here.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea added, “Players like Harry Maguire, he has not been playing as much as he can.”

“He played today and he played fantastic, so that means that the team is playing well.”

Despite being a defender, Harry Maguire has scored a goal in the World Cup knockout stages.

“After rewatching United’s win, Weghorst’s goal should have stood.” Maguire was adamant about not touching the ball at the time.

Sky’s replay clearly showed Maguire didn’t touch it either. Yet the robotic ref in Stockley Park still got his lines out. might as well get rid of the lot of them.

On his side, Harry Maguire said, “Winning the game is the most important thing; it’s not about me.”

“I put the team ahead of myself; whether I’m playing or not, I want the team to do well and be successful.”

Manchester United supporters began discussing Maguire’s performance, saying:

He was freaking awesome but also a disaster on the field. It took him about 15 seconds to make a simple pass to his fullback. The game was slowed down far too much.

It was passed to the opposition about five times. Martinez came on and literally changed the game; he’s a proper ball-playing CB.

Martinez came on and changed the game. However, both goals came from Maguire triggering the buildup, btw. People like to demean him at every opportunity they get while other players get a free pass, and when tacticians point this out, they are called toxic.

Maguire: “Winning the game is the most important thing, it’s not about myself. I put the team miles before myself, whether I’m playing or not I want the team to do well and be successful.” [@footballdaily]


— United Zone (@ManUnitedZone_) February 12, 2023

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