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The Cong Viettel vs Nam Dinh news, predictions, and livestream of the much-awaited game

In a challenging V-League match, Nam Dinh FC is welcomed by the CONG Viettel.

In their past 13 V-League matches, the Cong have not trailed at the break. In 12 of their last 13 V-League games, the Vietnamese are undefeated.

In their past eight home V-League encounters, the Cong are undefeated. Throughout their V-League encounters, the Cong has been giving up 0.67 goals on aggregate.

Viettel vs Nam Dinh in the fourth round of the V-League 2023 is the first battle of the new year.

Even though the army team had only accrued 5 points after the first three rounds, their attacking performance was seen as more remarkable and favourable.

After getting two unlucky draws with Hanoi FC and Hong Linh Ha Tinh, Viettel was able to beat CAHN.

Hoang Duc will work for Viettel in terms of manpower. He will recuperate in time for the encounter against Nam Dinh on February 19, according to a midfielder born in 1998.

Coach Thach Bao Khanh’s return will be significant. Geovane isn’t sure if he is physically ready to play in this match right now.

On the other side of the front line, Nam Dinh, who made a significant commitment, has been ranked first in the V-League 2023 standings after a run of three straight victories.

They have 7 points after one game, one less than Thanh Hoa and the reigning champion Hanoi FC, and are thus in third position (2 teams with 8 points).

Hence, Viettel’s victory will assist Nam Dinh in becoming the V-League champion in 2023.

Being three points better than the away team will allow Viettel, the club that is sixth in the standings, to get into the top three.

Prediction of Cong Viettel VS Nam Dinh FC match

Prediction for the CONG Viettel vs. Nam Dinh FC match: A home victory with at least two goals.

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