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[VIDEO] Why elated Juventus fans want Vlahovic stay in Turin

On the inaugural day of pre-season training, Juventus fans embraced Dusan Vlahovic with open arms and begged him not to go.

According to reports, Chelsea is looking to replace Romelu Lukaku, who is desired by Juventus and Inter but has made the Nerazzurri his top priority, with the Serbian international.

On Monday, Vlahovic arrived in Turin with his Juventus colleagues for the start of preseason, and the crowd welcomed him with open arms.

” Francesco #Magnanelli, fresh from joining Allegri’s staff, has arrived at J Medical // Francesco Magnanelli, the assistant of Allegri in Juventus‘ staff, has arrived at the J Medical,” a tweet said to the Juventus fans.

Juventus Fans begging Dusan Vlahovic not to leave

Fans pleaded with the ex-Fiorentina striker to stay in Turin in 2023–2024 by yelling “one of us” and “don’t leave” as he paused to give out autographs before and following his usual examinations at the J Medical.

Although Vlahovic has an agreement that runs until June 2026, the Bianconeri are open to hearing proposals between €80 and €90 million.

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