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Arsenal vs Lens 6-0: New Lens star says Arsenal can win the Champions League

The 25-year-old Lens player, who faced Arsenal yesterday, believes Arsenal can win the Champions League.

Following Lens’s 6-0 thumping of Arsenal in the Champions League on Wednesday, Kevin Danso reacted to a question on whether Mikel Arteta’s team might potentially go on to win the tournament as a whole.

Speaking to beIN Sports, Danso discussed how the Gunners had decisively won first place in their group. Arsenal blew the Ligue 1 team away at the Emirates with six different goal scorers.

Kevin Danso is going to have a lot easier evenings at work, no doubt. Danso contributed to Lens’ victory in the rematch. But this week, Arsenal most certainly exacted revenge on Lens for the loss.

Can Arsenal win Champions League 2023?

Arsenal vs Lens 6-0: New Lens star says Arsenal can win the Champions League
Arsenal vs Lens 6-0: New Lens star says Arsenal can win the Champions League 11

Kevin Danso questioned if Arsenal could win the Champions League.

With one game remaining, Arsenal is one of four teams—along with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City—that have secured first place in their group. It should be mentioned that since the Gunners were in the tournament before, the Champions League has been won by the other three teams.

So will Arsenal add their name to the list this season? Would Arsenal be joining those names this next season? Lens was up against one of the greatest available, according to Danso. When questioned whether the Gunners could win the match outright, he continued with his response.

“I believe that Arsenal was just the superior team today. They are now among the greatest teams in the world, and we demonstrated that today. If you do not show up, I do not believe we showed up as much as we might have. “Three goals in three minutes and that breaks the camel’s back,” he said to beIN Sports.

“Well, if they perform like they did today, for sure. However, many strong teams are participating in this league. When questioned about Arsenal’s prospects, he said, “You have to take it game by game and day by day but I wish them nothing but the best.”

Gunners need to locate additional gear.
Even if Arsenal won 6-0, it is strange to claim that they have not yet reached their peak. This season, they have triumphed in many games 1-0. And they needed a late goal from Kai Havertz to win the weekend’s match against Brentford.

For the adversaries of the Gunners both domestically and internationally, that is a terrifying prospect. Arsenal still needs to locate additional stuff.

Without a doubt, Arteta’s squad will be among those that the other teams now dread drawing for the last 16.

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