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Ivan Toney reveals Journey from Liverpool Fan to Arsenal Admirer after leaving Football Prison

Brentford striker Ivan Toney, who recently received an eight-month ban for gambling-related activities, revealed in an interview that he was a Liverpool fan growing up but also enjoyed watching Arsenal.

Toney was charged with 262 breaches last November, and in May, the Football Association announced his ban and fine after he admitted to 232 of the counts.

Toney expressed his confusion and disappointment that he is not allowed to train with his Brentford teammates, stating that it contradicts the football community’s emphasis on mental health.

He emphasized that he does not want pity but highlighted the potential negative impact such a punishment could have on someone less mentally strong.

Ivan Toney Football Prison

Toney eagerly awaits his return to training and feels like he is in “football prison” at the moment. In the interview, Toney was asked about transfer rumours and his aspirations to play at the highest level.

He stated that he remains focused on performing well for Brentford but acknowledged that playing for a big club and competing for trophies is a desire shared by many.

Ivan Toney betting BBC storyline

He mentioned his admiration for Arsenal and Liverpool, stating that he has been a lifelong Liverpool fan but has also enjoyed watching Arsenal.

Ivan Toney made his first Premier League start for Brentford at 25 years in a match against Arsenal. He previously had two appearances in the Premier League during his time at Newcastle United.

Although he never got a chance to prove himself at Newcastle, Ivan Toney understands the circumstances and holds no hard feelings.

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