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Bournemouth vs Chelsea’s Scoring Showdown with Chelsea yet to find scoring formula

How many times have Bournemouth beaten Chelsea? Bournemouth have managed to beat Chelsea 4 times in Premier League. 2023/24 EPL season may surprise with a history repetition on Bournemouth vs Chelsea game. What is the correct score prediction for Chelsea vs Bournemouth? Bournemouth vs Chelsea could end on 2-1 as correct score prediction or 1-0.

Chelsea have prevailed in three of their previous six meetings with Bournemouth, winning two games and drawing one, with both teams scoring nine goals in total.

Surprisingly, more than 2.5 goals were scored in four of the previous six games. Each team earned a point, and both Chelsea and Bournemouth have scored goals in three of the last six games.

Bournemouth have won just one of their last nine matches in all competitions and have conceded at least one goal in their last 10 matches.

Chelsea have been unbeaten at halftime in 15 consecutive clashes against Bournemouth in all competitions, but have won just three of their last 19 matches overall.

Chelsea have been defeated in their last three away matches, yet managed to defeat Bournemouth in their last three encounters.

Chelsea have been unbeaten in six of their last seven away matches against Bournemouth and have allowed at least one goal in their last 11 away matches.

The last four clashes between Chelsea and Bournemouth have been high-scoring, with over 2.5 goals in each.

Conclusion – Bournemouth vs Chelsea

This suggests that there could be an entertaining affair when these two sides meet. Despite Chelsea’s recent struggles, they have been able to maintain their dominance over Bournemouth in recent matches.

Their defensive record against Bournemouth is also impressive. However, Bournemouth’s recent form is cause for worry, especially their defensive record, which could be a key factor in the outcome of this match.

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